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We are a family of change-makers. People who believe that every helping hand can contribute to building a project and create a better world for all. We are like minded individuals, foundations, corporations, hospitals, imaging clinics, doctors, radiologists and service engineers, that believe the advantages held by some should be shared with all. Through our hard work and unwavering dedication we know that we are building a better world by providing access to diagnostic imaging services for those otherwise would not be able to afford these essential healthcare services.
We leverage the knowledge and inspiration of Industry leaders in medicine, radiology, and biomedical engineering to maximize the impact of our engagements. Our passion to give back and lift up humanity gives us confidence that we can make lasting and beneficial contributions to the world's economically disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Our mission is to make sure all the people have access to imaging diagnostic, when they need it, no matter their financial condition.

Supporting Hospitals, Clinics, and Imaging Centers with diagnostic imaging equipment, project implementation, applications and technical training, because we believe that all people should have access to diagnostic imaging services. 

Our Vision
We want to build a world where the basic diagnostic imaging healthcare services available to some, are available to all.

Our team works tirelessly to expand our reach, deepen our knowledge and compassion, strengthen our friendships, improve our communication, so that our efforts will not go unnoticed but be celebrated in communities around the globe.

Our Partners

Image Assist is working together with our corporate partners, other charitable organizations and local health care institutions to provide support to Doctors, Clinics, and hospitals in some of the poorest and most underprivileged regions of the world.  We ensure that donated imaging equipment is put to use and has a long-term impact.

We need you!

We rely on our members, program participants, donors and volunteers to work alongside us to strengthen communities.  Whether you want to donate your services for educational programs, expertise for project implementation, or are more comfortable giving a financial contribution your involvement with Image Asssit helps bring about positive and meaningful change.

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We believe that every helping hand can contribute to build a project
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